Welcome to The Home of The Topi Fragrance Oil Warmer

Finally, after months of development and testing the Topi™ Fragrance Oil Warmer and Tea Light Holder is ready to leave the nest. Invented, designed and individually hand crafted here in the United States Topi offers a unique combination of style and versatility not found with any other fragrance oil warmer. Now you can transform almost any glass jar or container into a beautiful fragrance oil warmer and tea light holder.

From The Shop

Topi™ Fragrance Oil Warmer and Tea Light Holder for Glass Jars

Don’t throw out your favorite candle jar just because the wax is gone. Just slip Topi on the rim and use it as a simple tea light holder for illumination or fragrance oil warmer to accent your home before holiday guests arrive. Or, fill a mason jar with decorative rocks or sea shells and attach Topi onto the rim.  I’m sure you will make new discoveries and enjoy Topi for many years to come.

Give Topi a try, then come back to the blog and share your discoveries ~ I’m sure you’ll see how Topi differs from any other fragrance oil warmer on the market.

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